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english version  >>> Mountain slalom Tiefenpölz

Mountain slalom Tiefenpölz at 07/10/2011

On 10 July , Nikki from Aschaffenburg started at early morning to the vicinity of Bamberg, a small German village called Tiefenpölz. He was sponsored again as before in Stübig by 914er-teile.de .

The day was affected by the difficult weather conditions: The hill slalom started initially sunny and dry, heavy thunderstorms in the afternoon drew on , who made sure that the latest drivers had sometimes very serious problems to confirm their appointed time.

Nikki used his Porsche 914 1.7. Also because of a huge amount of spare parts of 914 - teile.de the car is almost like a new one and received during the runs many views of enthusiastic spectators. Even during the two scoring runs the car as usual ran flawlessly and perfectly. In the first scoring run Nikki drove a 0:48,90 . In the second scoring run Nikki could not fully confirm this time because the rain became stronger and so he drove a 0:51,69 - but more than respectable for these weather conditions.

The following are the inboard recordings from the first and second scoring run , the rain's start can be seen clearly ;)

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