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Here you can find news like as new available cars and replacement parts.

06.10.2015: New spare parts and cars available!
There are news from your parts dealer for the Porsche 914: We have many new spare parts available at our shop www.914er-shop.de - just have a look!

In addition, we have four very interesting Porsche 914 on sale for you: A former race car Porsche 914/6 and a "normal" Porsche 914/6 - both from Germany and both vehicles were stored in dry conditions for the last 35 years. Additional to that we have a Porsche 914/4 from firsthand owner with original 60 thousand kilometers available, which was stored dry since 25 years and a 914 body built in 1971. Are you interested in one of those vehicles? Just contact us by phone (+49 (0) 6253 / 932903) or mail (info@914er-teile.de).
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07.12.2013: New Online-Shop for replacement parts
We have set up our own Online-Shop for replacement parts, you can have a look at www.914er-shop.de.

The shop is only available in German at the moment, we are sorry for this.
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06.12.2013: New cars available
We have three new Porsche 914 available.
To have a look at them, click here.
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30.10.2013: Special offer for november
We offer the popular GT flares in November for a special price of 950,00 Euro. This is the ideal project for the upcoming winter. Picture of news
30.03.2013: Happy Easter!
914er-teile.de wishes all acquaintances, friends and customers a Happy Easter! Picture of news
30.03.2013: Happy Easter!
914er-teile.de wishes all acquaintances, friends and customers a Happy Easter! Picture of news
22.02.2013: Many new spare parts online!
We have many new spare parts online - including two special highlights: From now on, we can offer the 914er fans a wide range of high quality fiberglass parts.

Furthermore, the bottom plate of the trunk floor front is now available as new part of reproduction.

And we have many other new replacement parts for your Porsche 914 online, just have a look.
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25.12.2012: Two new cars
Shortly, two new cars will arrive here: Two German 914er with good substance for reconstituting. More information will follow in the new year.

We want to take this opportunity to wish all customers and friends of 914er-teile.de a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for the confidence placed in us, we will again provide you in 2013 with spare parts and cars as good as possible.
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28.11.2012: December special: key blank gift!
In December we have a special event for you: If your purchase value is higher than 200 Euro you get a blank key, either in black or red, as a gift. We want to thank you with this action for a successful year in 2012 and we are already looking forward to 2013. Picture of news
05.11.2012: GT flares in November only 999 euros!
At the end of the year we have a special offer for you: We have reduced the set of 4 high quality GT flares (repro) in November to 999 euros. So get your one fast! Picture of news
18.09.2012: Bumper rubber again available
The bumper pads for front and rear are now again available as new parts. You should not miss them at any restoration. With cast stainless steel screws for only 399 euro. Picture of news
18.09.2012: New sponsorship report (Stübig 2012)
We have submitted a new report on a sponsored 914er-teile.de race. Nikki took part at the hill climb in Stübig, Germany. See this link. This time, the report is even with an extra gallery that shows numerous pictures of the 914er in a perfect state of Nikki. Picture of news
04.06.2012: 914er-teile.de gets 4 years old -> Special for orders in June
In June our website www.914er teile.de gets four years old. For this reason we want to thank all our customers for their trust. For us, it makes a lot of fun to be an established part of the 914 community and we look forward to the future together with you.

For this reason all orders in June with a value of more than 200 Euro will be delivered with an original Porsche key blank.
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29.02.2012: New spare parts online
We have again expanded the number of available spare parts on our website, especially in the 'trim' category. As always, spare parts on our website are cheaper than the spare parts on ebay. Just have a look. Picture of news
26.02.2012: New chrome bumpers available
From now on we can offer you a further highlight for your 914: We have new chrome bumpers as original equipment for front and rear available for 1,000 euros each. The old part is not necessary. Picture of news
26.02.2012: New chrome bumpers available
From now on we can offer you a further highlight for your 914: We have new chrome bumpers as original equipment for front and rear available for 1,000 euros each. The old part is not necessary. Picture of news
24.02.2012: Gear cover available
We now have an exact replica of the gear cover available. Suitable for side switch 914 built between 1972 and 1976. New part as shown by the manufacturer AA. Priced at only 65,00 Euro. Picture of news
09.02.2012: Tail light lenses available
We have the tail light lenses for the left and right side available for 175.00 Euro, made by AUATL. Picture of news
27.12.2011: Merry christmas and a happy new year!
With a little delay we wish merry Christmas to our customers und friends. We also wish you all the best for the next year. Picture of news
21.11.2011: French version of our website!
We are proud to announce that now we have a french version of our website online available. Just use the french flag to enter this version of 914er-teile.de and enjoy it. Picture of news
09.07.2011: 914/6 from California just arrived!
The first of the announced two 914/6 just arrived at our home base. It is in a very good condition with almost no rust. More information about the car in the "Cars for sale" section. Picture of news
09.06.2011: Two 914/6 conversions will arrive soon!
Soon two 914/6 conversions from California will arrive at us.

After they have arrived, you receive more information and pictures of the vehicles at this point. If interested, you may now book a vehicle or request further information.
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01.06.2011: Three years of our website -> 10 % discount for spare parts!
Today, exactly three years ago, we launched our website www.914er-teile.de and therefore started our worldwide parts delivery. On this occasion we want to celebrate with you and we will give a discount of 10 percent to all spare parts orders that reach us in June 2011!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your confidence during the past three years and we look forward to exciting years with you in the future.
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05.04.2011: 914er-teile.de now represented in Facebook!
914er-teile.de is now represented in Facebook with a separate page.

You can reach the page with the following link: Facebook page of 914er-teile.de

We would appreciate it if you click on "Like " button;-)
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19.02.2011: New Porsche 914 online
We bought a new Porsche 914/6. It will arrive here in Middle of March and is imported from California, built in 1970. You get more information about this car at the section "Cars for sale". Picture of news
19.02.2011: Top quality GT-enlargement again available!
Top quality GT-enlargements for Porsche 914 are now again available! The set containing 4 pieces is an accurately fitting reproduction of the legendary enlargements.
The price are just 949 Euro + shipping costs.
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26.01.2011: New Porsche 914
We have a new Porsche 914 available: It's a Porsche 914 1,7 with KERSCHER conversion kit. Just visit the section "Cars for sale" to get more information about the car. Picture of news
13.01.2011: New SSI heat exchanger made of stainless steel
New SSI heat exchanger made of stainless steel is now available for 914 2.0! You can order them for a price of 1,290 Euro (incl. German purchase tax).
A picture of them will follow soon.
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09.12.2010: ANSA Sport exhaust now available!
The original ANSA sport exhaust is now available in a limited edition. It is not the US Monza reproduction, it is a new and original ANSA exhaust, the exhaust of the 80's.
The sound of it is just fantastic! It has four wonderful chromed end pipes. All in all a very awesome exhaust.

The price is 489 Euro (incl. 19 % tax) + cost of distribution.
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07.12.2010: New cars available!
We have two new cars available!

* Porsche 914/6 imported from California to be built-up. Well, the car wasn't moved for a long time, but it is in a very good condition. It will arrive in Germany just before Christmas.

* Porsche 912 Coupe of 1969, also imported from California. The car don't has any rust, is not welded but in a very good condition. It will arrive at the beginning of 2011.
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18.11.2010: New reproduction of gear change lever
We have a new reproduction of the original gear change lever available. The gear change lever of many Porsche 914 looks very used and should be replaced by a new part.
So just take the chance and get our gear change lever for only 89 Euro (only for a short time!)
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25.09.2010: New rubber strip for front bumper available!
Now we have new rubber strips for the front bumper available. The original one are often completely rusted, so you should change them when you are restoring a Porsche 914. Picture of news
16.08.2010: Many new cartridge seals available!
From now on there are many new cartridge seals available for you:
-Cartridge seal of Targa roof in the rear and on the side to the windows
-Cartridge seal of the tank
-Cartridge seal of engine bay
-Cartridge seal of the border of the front window
-Both door seals, at chassis and in the door
-Beading of chicken barbecue
-Beading of front car wing
-and much more....
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23.07.2010: Newsletter available
Now you also have the chance to get our new newsletter with every information about new cars, new replacement parts and special offers. Just fill out the form at the top of this site! Picture of news
14.07.2010: New engine holders
New engine holders for Porsche 914/6 are now available! Picture of news
29.06.2010: New hub caps available!
New hub caps made from polished stainless steel for Mahle, Pedrini and Baby Fuchs again available! Picture of news
07.06.2010: Blank sheet for the Porsche 914/6!
We now have a blank sheet for the Porsche 914/6 engine as reproduction part available Picture of news
15.05.2010: New Cars available!
There are three new Porsche 914 available, just have a look at cars to sale. Picture of news

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